The Tailor of Kings

SCABAL, the Tailor of Kings
What is the common point between President Obama, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, the Emperor of Japan, Al Pacino in the Godfather,
Leonardo Di Caprio in Gatsby the Magnificent, Wolf of Wall Street, the Crown princes of the Crown of England William?
They are all fans of SCABAL
Hardly of 75 years of passion for the fabric, SCABAL you o  re today a collection about 5 ‘ 000 fabrics and 250 available options.

Of what to realize his(her,its) sharpest desires. She is the ambassadress of this tradition in the former of ” bespoke tailoring ” English.

Ready-to-wear clothing. Custom-made product. Traditional manufacturing in the hand. Personal tailor.


Pour mieux vous servir un nouvel écrin, plus spacieux, plus confortable ouvrira ses portes prochainement au
11 quai des Bergues à Genève

( actuellement au 3 – 5 rue du Conseil Général )