Taylor Made

Nothing fits better than a tailored suit, also called custom suit or made-to-measure suit. Nothing is more fulfilling than choosing what you really like. Nothing feels better than the compliment on your personal, newly made suit.

1 – Bespoke or…

Bespoke suits – N° 12 line
•    made according to traditional methods in our Italian workshops
•    prepared and assembled by hand
•    the interlining is made up of layers of camel hair and horsehair that have been pre-washed in order to guarantee uniformity and stability of the garment
•    the buttonholes are stitched twice: first with cotton, then with silk thread
•    the shoulders and sleeves are sewn by hand and fashioned in such a way that they guarantee the utmost comfort and appearance around the shoulders and the chest
Each of these elements contributes to the comfort, the lightness and the durability of N° 12 suits. As the majority of the work is carried out by hand, it takes many hours to finalise a N°12 suit. As our credo is to provide irreproachable quality, our delivery deadlines vary from 6 to 8 weeks.

2 – Made-to-Measure

Made-to-Measure – Crafted by Scabal

Scabal has been running its own made-to-measure workshops in Germany since the seventies
the savoir-faire and traditional skills are combined with infallible technology and an irreproachable attention to detail, transforming a piece of high-quality fabric into a luxury garment.
the most delicate Scabal fabrics are all steam ironed by hand.
all the different processes are subject to ongoing checks throughout the production.

Your perfectly fitted suit can be delivered after 4 to 5 weeks.

3 – Choose your fabric

Scabal sells fabrics since 1938 yet when they acquired a fabrics mill in the most famous region for cloth weaving in England, Huddersfield, its history jumped back to 1899 when the production of the finest fabrics started. But actually even beyond as on the same spot production of fabrics had started in the 16th century ! With the aquisition of Wainshiell Scabal’s history and knowledge goes back to 1807.

Subtle patterns, bold colours, pleasant to touch, refined style and traditional craftsmanship; these are the characteristics that describe the 5,000 fabrics you can choose from. Scabal makes a careful selection of the noblest raw materials needed to weave the ultimate fabrics: pure worsted merino wool, cotton, cashmere, silk, mohair, vicuna, etc.

Also for shirts, Scabal has an extensive range of pure cotton fabrics in a rich and varied selection of patterns.

4 – Choose your style

Scabal has designed several different cuts for jackets and trousers so that it can provide the tailor-made suit of your dreams. You decide on the number of buttons on the front and the vents at the back for the jacket or if you would like trousers with or without pleats in a straight or comfort cut.
We have several lines of shirts that can be used as the basic model for creating your own tailor-made, personalised shirt. Our advisor will help you choose the line that will produce the best allure irrespective of whether you are looking for comfort, formality or a close fit.

5 – Make it personal

You are given the opportunity to participate actively in the creation of your jacket by choosing the style of buttonhole, the shape of the lapels, the types of pockets, overstitching, the touches of colour, lining, any embroidery, kissing buttonholes or not etc.
For the trousers you can choose for buttons or zip, for loops made for belts or you can have a cleaner line without loops, you can define the shape and width of the turn-ups whose fall should break beautifully on your shoes.
For your own shirt you can choose elements such as the size and form of the collar (classic, straight, spread, cut-away, button-down, etc.), the style of the cuffs (rounded, beveled, French cuffs), position and colour of the embroidery for your initials, etc.

6 – Get measured up

Taking measures is a job that needs to be carried out very carefully. Fortunately, your wardrobe adviser is experienced and takes care in getting your measurements right. He has seen many suits and customers and knows how to play the system. He knows that many customers tend to stiffen up when they see themselves in a large mirror. So the experienced measurement taker may start a conversation about nothing to do with clothing – for the customer’s ease and the benefit of the final result.

Scabal chooses not to sell Made-To-Measure suits online, since nothing beats the personal touch of a true professional, nothing can substitute the experience of touching the fabrics and trying on real garments. To make it easy for even the busiest among us, Scabal also offers its measure service at your office, your home, or even your hotel. An experienced partner is able to measure you efficiently in a reasonable time, and some reassuring style advice is available if requested.