Special Editions

Since 1938 Scabal has sold only the finest of fabrics made from the best raw materials. Twice a year we launch up to fifteen new collections assembling all the latest fabrics alongside our permanent fabric collections and special editions. This gives you the possibility to choose from 5000 top fabrics made by only highly skilled personnel.

Orchid, A New Sensory Delight

For the tailoring connoisseur, a fine suiting is always a treat for the senses – beautiful to look at and wonderful to the touch. Now Scabal is adding a third sensory dimension – with its gentle but exotic aroma its new and exclusive ORCHID quality will entrance the olfactory system too.

In keeping with its global reputation for creative flair and technical innovation, Scabal has once again added an exciting development to its finest suitings. Produced at the company’s own mill in Huddersfield, the English centre for superb worsted suitings, ORCHID carries on its fine merino fibres an essence derived from the tropical flowering plant.

ORCHID is a Super 150’s merino quality, weighing 240g, a perfect weight to be worn virtually all-year round by most of Scabal’s international customers. The natural fragrance that permeates the suiting is discreet, yet will remain in the cloth even after careful dry cleaning. Scabal’s technical wizards predict that it will enhance the cloth for the normal life cycle of a fine suit.

Diamond Chip

Perhaps men are not so easily seduced by jewellery, but they will certainly appreciate this tailor-made gem of a suit. For all the men out there who insist on a “Rolls Royce” suit, Scabal has designed a cloth which incorporates diamond fragments. This fabric range has been christened “Diamond Chip”.

The creation involved a great deal of research and development. After all, it was not Scabal’s intention to design a museum piece, but instead to design a cloth that could be turned easily into a stylish and elegant suit.

The diamond chips are processed into the cloth as soon as the wool has been cleaned and combed. Microscopically small diamond fragments are then spread on the Super 150’s wool and pure silk, and it is only then that the wool is spun. The result is a shiny thread to be woven into exceptional fabrics. The latter not only shine literally and figuratively, but they also feel comfortable and hang beautifully.

Scabal never sacrifices comfort for the sake of beauty. Once again, the cloth is being woven at Scabal’s own weaving-mill in Huddersfield (UK).


In 1974 Scabal launched the world’s first cloth finer than Super 100’s and, since then, it has pursued an unceasing quest for the finest wools in the world. In 2000, Scabal created a Super 200’s quality, called Exceptional. After more years of tireless research, Scabal has reached the pinnacle in ultrafine Australian wools and is proud to announce a cloth worthy of the name, Summit.

It is so fine to the touch that Scabal’s own technicians immediately called it the finest wool ever. Summit is an ultra-ultrafine fibre in the lower 12 micron range, and is processed in its purest form without mixing it with other luxury fibres. It has high strength, incomparable lustre and natural comfort.

The wool is meticulously processed using artisan methods in Scabal’s own mill in Huddersfield, England. From cleaning through spinning and weaving to final finishing, no effort is spared.

Traditional processing follows Summit to the very end, with a special paper pressing for comfort, drape and easy tailoring. Summit is wool with a handle and feel to rival cashmere and an elegant, natural drape that truly does make it the ultimate choice for sophisticated tailoring .

Treasure Box

Treasure box is the latest cloth collection from the Scabal treasure chest. We have used the very latest techniques to incorporate platinum and 24-carat gold.

The first Scabal cloth with 22-carat gold was Gold Treasure. Gold fever has obviously struck Scabal and we are using an ultra fine Super 150’s wool from an exceptional bale of merinos wool in which precious metals are incorporated. The designs are in-house originals, the production is done in England.

Historically gold has always been a symbol of affluence because of its lustre and scarcity. Hieroglyphics tell us that gold was a method of payment. Until halfway through the 20th century A.D., gold was still often used for coinage. From ancient times it has been regarded as having magical properties and as a symbol of purity. Nowadays 24-carat gold is the purest gold. Platinum is a flexible, pliable metal that has a beautiful grey-white sheen.

The platinum and gold flecks are beautifully set off by the midnight blue, anthracite grey and black. Depending on the design, the precious metal can be seen in all its splendour or remains very discreet.


Traditional weaving techniques and ultra fine 13-micron Super 200’s Merino wool form the basis of this cloth. Using advanced spinning technology, Scabal has blended it with Vicuna and Chinchilla fibres, highly valued for their rarity and exceptional softness. These precious, delicate fibres have been blended by the best weavers in our own Yorkshire mill in the heart of England’s textile industry. Their work is still based on the traditional techniques used by our ancestors.

To complete the traditional processes, Scabal has applied a “London Shrunk” finish to blend the fibres followed by an original “Paper Press”, a highly-skilled pressing method applied as the final treatment, giving the cloth a rich lustrous finish.

Revered by Inca royalty, Vicuna has always been sought for its delicate fleeciness.  Scabal’s imported Vicuna wool is supported by CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species) certification, guaranteeing that the wool is truly a licensed original product, a scarce attribute in today’s competitive market. Chinchillas are small animals which also live high up in the Andes region.

Ultra Silk Siberia

For Scabal, winter will be as soft as cashmere, as warm as wool and as smooth as silk. The highly prestigious Ultra Silk Siberia collection is all three of these things and features seven fabrics in pure winter silk.

Winter silk is a unique, patented form of silk. Only the finest and longest Italian silk fibres are selected to create this new surprising fabric. The silk is then woven and treated with the same finishing process as flannel and cashmere, which gives it the feel and warmth of wool. The result is an incredible winter fabric with an unprecedented feel, natural warmth and unrivalled sheen. Fabrics in the Ultra Silk Siberia collection are ideal for a bespoke winter jacket or coat.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, an ancient stone that has always appealed to man’s imagination – literally “blue stone” – has been extracted and revered for more than 6000 years. In ancient Mesopotamia this stone was the reserve of the ruling class.  Since time lapis lazuli has been known for its therapeutic properties. In astrology, lapis lazuli is associated with Sagittarius.

Lapis lazuli was also appreciated for its aesthetic characteristics. From the 15th to the 19th century it formed the basis of ultramarine, an intense blue that decorated many paintings and frescos. Using ultramarine was considered a sign of wealth.

Scabal has succeeded in integrating microscopic particles of lapis lazuli in an ultra-fine bale of wool. This Super 150’s can be worn all year round. The cloth has a paper press finish, which gives the finished product a natural shine and a unique appearance.

The stone has been reduced to microscopic particles by a process of polishing, which is a technique used exclusively in jewellery-making until now. Microscopic particles are evenly distributed by hand and are then captured by the straightened fibres and integrated harmoniously in the cloth.


To complete the suiting innovations, Scabal has developed the EOS Collection. Blended with 55% silk, which gives the cloth a special elegant lustre, this ultra-soft Super 180’s offers 16 articles based on a versatile twill construction. The designs contain light fancy stripes of grey, light blue and beige and are completed with a classic range of radiant mid and dark blues.  Furthermore the super light weight of 230g offers comfortable wearing all your round.


A star amongst our special editions is without doubt Sunrise made of 50 per cent Super 200’s wool and 50 per cent silk. It is a luxury gentlemen’s suiting cloth with a soft touch, light feel and beautiful shine. Sunrise is a cloth produced in Scabal’s own weaving plant in Huddersfield (England).

Spinning and weaving this delicate wool and silk composition – a marriage made in heaven – is not an easy task as it is very labour-intensive. However, the result is definitely worth it: Sunrise is one of the most remarkable fabrics for suits developed in recent years. It is an exceptionally soft, light fabric. The fine micron – 1 micron is one thousandth of a millimetre – of the combed worsted yarns is not the only measure of its quality. The crimp and length of wool fibres as well as the general style are just as important to make this fine quality cloth.

Diamond Chip Jacketing

A most luxurious approach for casual jackets. For the first time we offer our amazing Diamond Chip cloth for jacketings. Woven by a special process in Scabal’s own mill in Yorkshire, England, the new collection features a confident and exciting range of 12 shades that run from black and deep blue to bright red and vivid yellow. As always, the “Diamond Chip” cloth is a Super 150’s silk in a plain basket weave.

The jacketings collection carries a woven selvedge stating “Scabal – Super 150’s – Silk With Diamond
Fragments – Made In England”.

Rares Fibres Overcoatings

Scabal introduces with this range a real luxury super soft overcoating fabric. It is a blend of 50% chinchilla and 50% high quality cashmere, both very rare fibres.

The chinchilla is originally coming from South America. It is an animal with one of the finest and most noble fur.  It was already popular with the peers from the Incas. It is fine and soft but at the same time solid. Scabal’s cashmere, coming from China and Mongolia, is one of the best cashmeres in the world. Only the longest, smoothest and brightest fibres are chosen to make this outstanding cloth.

The Star

Leading the strong evolution in traditional luxury cloths, Scabal is presenting a sensational quality called The Star. The Star uses only the finest and original Super 200’s wool with the star attraction of a small addition of vicuna giving it the richest and rarest blend around.

The raw materials have been specially selected and sorted by hand from the rarest of several season’s clippings. Not only is the wool pure in fineness, it also has unrivalled strength, natural waves and lustre. In spite of the fineness the wool has been technically spun to a coarser count, contrary to other cloths using the same micron. This in order to attain its natural volume, richness and bloom that is appreciated in the luxury and elegance of the final cloth. The medium weight enables ease of tailoring and excellent drape and comfort with a full round handle and traditional paper press finish.